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free popular social media sites to promote your blog


popular social media network sites increasing traffic to your blog.

social media website can drive great traffic to the blog.

if you have a good social media marketing ideas or followers. we get a lot of traffic to the blog.



pinterest user activities 75 billion, this network is the biggest worldwide.

90 billion pins with the blog/ business persons.

pinterest is the mainly used their brand communication for promoting business.

posting the featured image on the blog.

post on the Pinterest link and description their original blog post.

create a visual brand identify the photos, screenshots infographics poster is allowed to this network site.

this social network used for the organic traffic to your blog without any restrictions.


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Google plus

google plus also approach a social network site.they would not call at the social network site.

google plus is a good way to promote your blog because features are large images and google brand page.

short snippets of text that your follower can quickly reach some audience.

along with the communities, circles streams is easy to connect with the discussion.

sharing blog post URL and images every google plus automatically connected to the other services like Gmail, YouTube, google drive, google and many more of the services.

google plus have an impact ranking in the google search engines.



twitter is the second most popular social network platform.

twitter has 502 billion people in the world users and posting daily per day 800 million.

twitter is the most popular tweeting social network site.

if you have content is viral in nature then you get instant massive traffic for your blog/website.

sharing your idea with your blog post more than once in a daily time.

tweeting with the image got more reactions and without image tweet.

this network site has almost successful tweet between 80 and 110 characters.

adding hashtag up to four to gets more reactions to your blog.



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Facebook is the most popular social media sites used all over the world. it has 5.6 billion users over the world and 800 billion of daily visitors.

this network is primarily used for the private conversions with friends and families.

but also great for the marketing brand in  B2B communications, social network Peoples are mostly preferred for the Facebook.

Peoples used to connect persons, communicate and share their ideas, pictures, videos and timeline posting.

business persons promote their product and the website business bloggers.

Facebook is the additional traffic for the blog, social networks and good back live for the search engines.



LinkedIn users 354 million people’s and all estimated registering 1 million.

it is used by the Business and blog marketers.

article writers are promoting their content as LinkedIn platform success to drive traffic.

you can attract your readers with your blog and   LinkedIn users are looking for content helps to clear their problems.

this is not only a blog and business marketing, job seeking people’s are searching new job updates getting here.

LinkedIn shows your content views, shares, followers and comments.

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