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how to start wordpress blog with perfect strategy (in 2018)

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Start WordPress blog for the beginners

WordPress blog is a most popular all over in the world why because this is a cms system, means content management system.

crawls easily in search engine sites. they have so many thousands of free plugins and the templates used for the WordPress blog websites.

beginners to start WordPress blog easily without coding knowledge and work fast to complete the website site in minutes.

WordPress save your time. WordPress tools give a high professional looking at your site.  and organized by the wordpress.org.

simple steps to follow this steps., you will get success in the blogging.

choose a best hosting services

select the best web hosting services like name cheap, Hostgator and Bluehost.

its give you 24 hours support to you .if any technical website issues.

so many web hosting companies give an SSL for WordPress and give protection to hacking attacks, a phishing scam and google ranking signal.

web hosting providers give 99% uptime guaranteed.

Get C panel and install WordPress software.

use google keyword planner for your website

sign up with your Gmail account for google keyword planner tool.

type the words and select the keywords lists for your website.

choose the low and medium competition keywords words for the website.

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Different types of Tld websites

com -is standard for commercial for-profit business entities, including nonprofits, schools, and private individuals.

in- is standard for business, companies, individuals, and organizations in India

net – originally intended for organizations involved in networking technologies.

org- is standard for non-profits and organizers.

edu -standard for higher education, trade schools, and college universities.

Use Yoast plugin for SEO purposes

use Yoast plugin for meta box, SEO analysis functional and readability.

This seo plugin improves your on-page SEO.setup webmaster tools like google, bing, and Yandex.

add all your social media username URLs for each profile.and social media profiles are associated with the sites.

it sends your XML sitemaps to Google and so many features.

choose the category which topic suitable for the blog


writing reviews, gossips about the celebrities  and upcoming


fitness tips, body maintain and nutrition foods.


SEO, email marketing, web design, and developing apps.


posting news app launching details, specification, and apps selling.


writing news like climate, political and worldwide news.


writing reviews about the gadgets and other services.

affiliate website

sign up for affiliate programs and selling products with your website.

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start writing a blog post

write the title 9 to 12 words and description details 140 characters.

don’t overwrite the title, you can check step by steps with the help of Yoast SEO.

write the article between 1500 to 2500 articles, add 15 categories with tags to your website.

post 2 to 3 articles per day or in a week 4 days.

use the suitable topic images for your blog articles.

Use images to your blog

get free images from the stock photo websites, these sites are free and high quality to use on your blog. no restrictions and free to download to your website.



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Use compress Plugins to your image

use free image compress plugin to the WordPress blog with different sizes of photos.  improving the page speed loading.

Smush Image Compression


use a beautiful template for the WordPress website

install simple mobile friendly and desktop templates.

in WordPress thousands of free themes to install for your blog.

if you are a serious blogger then use professionally for your blog, use the elegant theme and moto press.

use social media sites promoting

the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and google plus.

use cache plugin for web page speed

use w3 cache plugins to your blog for speed loading.

you can use additional max cdn service to your WordPress website.

Use proofreading for your website

use proofreading tools to solve your English grammar quickly in your WordPress blog post.


polish my writing

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which is better free vs paid?

The most important thing to all of you beginners.

if you use a free blog site platforms, its make you inexperienced to the beginners and nobody to use the free platforms sites because you cannot control free blog platforms.

you cannot get much traffic and you get medium or low to search engine.

waste of time writing articles with the free blog sites .you can’t do online business comfortable and blog earning. free blog platform control by web owners.

if you want to earn seriously on your blog and business blog. paid to web hosting providers and start the website without any issue.

Use infographics for your blog posts

use colorful infographics images to your blog for increasing the traffic.

these are few infographics sites.

venn gage


use copywriter and policy in your WordPress

install Auto Terms of Service and Privacy Policy plugin in your website and create name and contact details.

use business directory sites

Add your website listed in the local places and map sites.

google business

bing business

Share your Blog URL To document sites

these document sharing get a decent amount of traffic and bringing you the good amount of visitors to your blog and the website.

google doc

One drive


Promote the video marketing sites

people’s love the video and the audio too.promote your blog on the video promoting the website.




Install widgets on your blog

About box

simply set up your about me box in the upper right-hand corner sidebar.

social media 

making social buttons on your blog. it is easy for your readers to share the article and social media following your profile.

Popular posts

every time posting your article. it highlights your most popular posts in the sidebar widget page.

use backup software plugins

backup your database and all your files from your WordPress blog.

when the website files error or hacked by others. you can use this free plugin to backup your website.


in this tool, you can connect dropbox, google drive, FTP, and more options.

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use podcasting for your website blog

podcasting sites are the best choice improving your visitor audience and sharing a voice.




Design your header logo for WordPress blog

using free online tool for your WordPress blog header logo design.

canva tool



do the email marketing for your blog

you can share your articles with your friends and followers.

start sending your email to thousands of people’s like a professional.use without spam issues from the email marketing sites.

get response and MailChimp.

write the pages for your blog

contact :

use contact form7 plugin on your blog page and visitors will contact you.

about :

use your bio-data and explain your blogging profession details.

use free WordPress sites for practice

learn how to write a blog, install plugins and themes and some code practicing with free websites.

I listed for you free WordPress website sites with c panel.

 award space

ultimate free host

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